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Riding bumpily or smoothly depends on the shock absorbers and struts of a vehicle. As required, all passengers expect a crescent ride from their vehicles, panic begins when noticeable bumps or a slight change on the feel of a ride quickens motorists, and this is where Best Buy comes in. We engage in meeting the expectations of our customers – a smooth and bump-free ride. Such as, it is adamantly important to have dedicated maintenance and upgrades to repair or change any bent, worn or broken shocks, struts or springs.


Our technicians will analyze suspensions and mechanics to trace and find the plausible cause of the irritable bumpy ride. Best Buy diagnoses vehicles to come up with a complete report that would then be parlayed to the client.  On a positive note, broken springs or shock absorber leaks can be easily aided and repaired.


Best Buy constantly reminds and advises customers how to check and re-check their steering and suspension’s interconnectedness, and if indeed it is working as a system, contrary to functioning individually, which would be a start of a unbearable ride. Also, knowledge on how to differentiate a steering problem from a weak shock absorber, which tends to be the main source of a poor ride control. Equally, customers would also be explained how a beaten upper bearing of the front struts can also cause problems, ultimately manifesting itself by giving the driver a stiff-feel as one maneuvers the steering wheel. Best Buy’s entire skilled specialist can gladly entail to our customers. Our service is nothing less than perfect. We get the job done, and we explain to our customers what they need to know, leaving our customers happy and satisfied.

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